Join the Save CT Call Center Jobs Coalition

Thousands of customer service jobs have disappeared as corporations send more work out of state to boost their profits at the expense of working people. In Connecticut, we have a chance to pass a bill that will help make sure those good jobs stay in our communities. And now it’s more important than ever.

Last year, AT&T closed multiple CWA call centers in Meriden, eliminating 90 good jobs. AT&T received $20 billion in corporate tax breaks from the 2017 tax bill and then proceeded to kill over 37,000 union jobs in 2018 alone.

We need to let our elected leaders know that keeping Connecticut workers employed and our communities strong should be their top priority – and we need to take action NOW

The Act Concerning Call Centers and Notice of Closure (H.B.6383) would make call center companies of over 50 employees that move 30% of their call center work out of the state or to a foreign country ineligible for any taxpayer support in the form of subsidies, tax breaks, grants, loan, etc. The bill also requires all Connecticut agency call center work to be done in New York.

Please join our coalition!